Turkey Brine

12-14 lbs turkey, washed and cleaned out
1 cup kosher salt or sea salt
1/4 cup table sugar or brown sugar
2 quarts water
1Combine 2 quarts of water in a 6 quart pot with salt and sugar, over high heat until dissolved.
2If wanted, add other seasonings at this time.
3Let come back to room temperature.
4You will need 2 gallon turkey size oven roasting bags.
5Place one roasting bag inside the other, roll down the edges of the bags to help them stay open.
6Put bags in a heavy roasting pan that will hold turkey.
7Place turkey breast side down, with legs facing you in the inner bag.
8Some help from another person at this point would be of help, they can hold the bags open for you as you pour the cooled brine into the cavity and over the turkey.
9Gather the inner bag as tightly as possible and secure with a twist tie.
10Secure outer bag with twist tie.
11Refrigerate in the roasting pan for 12-18 hours.
12Remove from bags, rinse very well, pat dry with paper towels.
13It's now ready for your favorite recipe.

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